Alan November- Fostering a culture that supports the flipped classroom

Having heard a lot about Alan November from Nick & Kim after last year’s conference, he was an obvious choice when selecting presentations to attend this year. He certainly didn’t disappoint.


Alan suggests that a Big change that teachers could make tomorrow in the Flip model is to get students to “Ask a question for homework”.

Asking the whole class , do you have any Qs? Doesn’t work because sts don’t know what they don’t know, sts will ask more Qs online rather than f2f.
The Qs of sts are the most important thing to help learning. To work out what to teach.

Mazur – As soon as sts finish taking a test they work in groups to take the test a second time and vote on correct answer. They are scored 1 point for a correct answer, if the answer is wrong they work again to debate the correct answer and get 1/2 point for correct answer, etc. final score = combined score of individual and group.

Problem that flip learning responds to is “who’s suffering the most?” :). Its important that we get the students “suffering” the most! That is, they should be doing the work – learning!

Flip learning- no punishment for not doing homework.
Students to create the learning videos rather than the teachers!
Build up the library of videos over time so that students can access I the information time and again until they are comfortable with it and competent.
Incorporate feedback from other sts
Math videos. Check out.

NAP student conditioning – We need to push past the resistance of sts wanting teacher oriented and driven learning and get them doing the “suffering” !!!

looking forward to the Masterclass with Alan tomorrow.


Ewan McIntosh: Allow for students to share their ‘Aha’ moments

One really amazing example Ewan shared was from upper primary students from Brixton in London. These students were being coached to always be able to answer 3 simple questions;

  1. Where have you been (in your learning)
  2. Where are you now
  3. Where are you going

This type of self-awareness scores highly on Hattie’s effect sizes. The beautiful thing about the example was however, that the students were keeping an online journal / diary of these reflections that was open to the other students in their class. Ewan saw some students looking at other students diaries, and so he asked them

“What are you guys doing?”

“We are just looking at learning” they replied. These students were attempting to work out how some of the other students were learning better than they were.

This was a real eye opener for me about the power of enabling students to share their ‘aha’ moments.

Rethinking Education – Salman Khan – the Khan Academy

Interesting to listen to the story of the development of this amazing on-line educational website and the video clips which provide free education to anyone around the world. Amazing to see how access to this source of free private tutoring has impacted on the lives of both children and adults. Just another way that education can be delivered ‘off-site’ to a huge audience. Inspiration for how TSC could develop links with Mimili and Msindo.

EduTech2013 Day 1

An amazing day. we have now been going for 14 hours but have learnt so much. Learning from Daniel Pink: autonomy, mastery and purpose are central to motivation. Inspiration from Sal Khan who makes me determined to share the expertise of our awesome teachers at Thebarton in a global environment. YouTube capability is going to be a must in the new learning hub.

Ewan McIntosh was next. A passionate Scot who got us interested in design thinking: immersion, synthesis, ideation, prototyping and feedback. He then talked about 6 pillars of learning motivation: Challenge, Collaborate, Choice, Responsibility, Respect and Real things. He then introduced the idea of a non-Googleable curriculum!

Sean Tierney was next. An ex-Adelaidean who is the Academic Programs Manager for Microsoft. Some great ideas about 21C-LD (twenty-first century learning design)

Stephen Harris, Principal of Northern Beaches Christian School told us about his amazing school in NSW which has spawned the Sydney Centre for Innovation in Learning.

The last speaker of the day went through to 6pm. dr Gary Stager who challenged us all.We learnt about maker Faires and Super Awesome Sylvia. Have a look at, an amazing 8 year old who shos us that we need to facilitate free thinking in our young people.

So here we are…blogging our experiences at 10pm…..