Ewan McIntosh – The Importance of Feedforward as well as feedback

Ewan McIntosh suggested that feedback is extremely important to provide a guide for people to know how they are going, but even more important is the future focussed feedforward, as in what is required for future improvement goals. We saw some great examples of primary school students making suggestions about what they needed to do to improve their learning. I think this is a really important concept.

I think this has implications for PDP processes, as well as helping our students to become more aware of their position in their learning.


Enabling Safe Social Media Use for Education

Peter Geale Global Marketing manager

Netbox Blue is a Queensland software company. Their focus is risk mitigation solutions for Social Media via Pattern Matching.

Social Media is a part of Students’ everday lives.

  • 81% of online teens use some form of social media
  • 77% of these use Facebook
  • 24% use Twitter
  • Instagram is growing
  • Girls more than boys
  • 75% visit several times a day (Pew May 2013)
Social Media is Not Going Away

Social Media is Not Going Away

Risks & Concerns in having Social Media in the classroom

  • Distraction
  • Reputation Risk
  • Just a Gimmick
  • Limiting face-to-face communication
  • Social media keeps changing
  • Embedded malware may be present
  • Boundaries can be crossed/stretched between students and teachers
  • Inappropriate communications

Effectively, text from Social Media is reviewed in real time and compared to identified keywords. These may be teacher names, comments associated with self-harm etc. Instant alerts are provided on critical matches and the messages can be blocked prior to transmission to the internet.

Possible TSC implications:
-Take to ICT Steering committee
-NAP Computing lessons -> Cyber Safety topic
-Cyber Safety Help button – investigate further for College computers Cybersmart resources Cybersafety button download

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Dan Pink: The Importance of Purpose

Another of Dan Pink’s central concepts was around the importance of Purpose. Dan suggested that in order to maintain motivation staff and students need to always have a good grasp of why they are doing what they are doing – as in what purpose this particular process or¬†activity¬†has in the production of the thing we are aiming to create.

He suggested that a take away is to have 2 less conversations per week about how to do something and 2 more conversations a week about why to do something